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WYMAN PRIDDY AND WILD (I MEAM LIL) WILL 26 Nov 2011 00:01 #159441

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I wrote The Following story The week before They had
The Wyman Priddy Memorila Race at North Forty at Sherman/Dennison.
I first posted it down on the VDTRA Forum (David Henry
is one of the owners of the VDTRA)

Hey David Henry,
I noticed on your neat North Forty Race Flier, that you are
having a Wyman Priddy Memorial Race on Sunday. I think that’s
neat, as I raced with Wyman Priddy back in the sixties, before
he became a Moto Crosser.

Wyman rode a 50cc Tohatsu Two stroke, back in the early sixties,
and he and his friend (forget his name) use to come to the Texas
races with two Tohatsus in the back of their car after they removed
the rear seat. They took the front wheels off, and put them in
pointed in different directions.

Wyman was almost unbeatable back then on that 50cc Tohatsu. That
is until the Fall of 1964, when I finally beat him for the First
time at Azle Texas at a Track called Prickle Pear Raceway. We
raced there like once a month throughout the season. I rode a
50cc Honda Four stroke back then.

(Below is a Photo of Wyman Priddy and Myself, that day at Prickle
Pear Raceway in Azle Texas. Photo was taken by Thomas Fortson)

I first raced against Wyman at a Track in Grand Prairie called
The Sportsdrome. It was a stock car track but they made a
TT Scrambles out of it using half of the figure eight track,
plus they had a tight section off one end of the track.

That day I finished second to Wyman on Ted York’s little home-made
mini racer his father Tommy York built for him.

In 1965 I moved up to the 100cc Class riding a S90 Honda, and
Wyman Priddy also had a S90 Honda and we continued our battles
in that class, though I had better results against Wyman in that
class. At the end of 1966 I started riding a 100cc Yamaha Twin
Two stroke, and I didn’t lose many races on that little Rocket ship.

The last time I remember racing with Wyman was in 1967 at a Track
outside of Ft. Worth, called Newark. It was a neat TT Scrambles
Track that had Long Half Mile Type Straights with a Four foot
straight up jump, and at the end of the fast back stretch was a
sixty foot drop off. That’s were Mike Kidd and I was racing as
well as Wyman Priddy, Jet Tharp (also on a Yamaha 100cc Twin Two
stroke, built by the same guy that built mine, David Bolick from
my home town of Brownwood), John Graves Jr. on a Honda S90 like
Wyman’s, and Keith Jenkins on a Bridgestone.

That’s the day that Jack Rhodes took us 100cc riders off to the
side and gave us a talk about being entertainers as Racing was
entertaining for the Fans. I guess I took Jack’s little speech
to heart as I have been trying to entertain the fans ever since.

And boy did we entertain them that day. We had a three way battle
for first with Kidd, Tharp and I daring each other to leave the
throttle on longer as we flew off that sixty foot drop off.
Wyman, Graves, and Jenkins was right behind us as we did this.

I ended up winning that day and Kidd ended up breaking his frame
on his 80cc Yamaha. When we pulled into the pits after the races,
Mike Kidd’s little Yamaha looked like a Chopper with the front end
sticking way out and the engine nearly dragging the ground.

Wyman Priddy actually came to my house one day in Brownwood Texas.
The early S90 Honda’s use to break the center out of the clutch hub.
Mine broke once and while the new clutch hub was on back order, my
dad had the hub welded up (actually they brazed it, since it was made
out of cast iron), and we used it until the new one came in.

Wyman broke his clutch hub, and couldn’t get one, so he and his
dad drove to Brownwood and bought the clutch hub my dad had welded
so he could race that weekend.

It wasn’t long and Our careers took different paths as Wyman
took up the new sport, (then), of Moto Cross, and I turned Pro
as a Flat Tracker.

After Wyman earned a National Number in Moto Cross, He showed Up
at The Houston Astrodome and tried to ride The National TT, but
the AMA would not recognized his National Number, for The TT Race,
and he was not allowed to compete.

Wyman also became a partner with George Banke and they built
expansion chambers.

I last saw Wyman in the summer of 1977 at Lake Whitney when
they had the 500 AMA National. Wyman was riding a 125 in the
support class that day. I talked to him while he was sitting
on his bike in staging, and we shared old stories from the sixties.

Several years later in 1981, when my son Scott was Moto crossing,
we attended a Regional Championship at Lake Whitney, and I had
hoped to see and talk to Wyman again, but it wasn’t to be, as we
got word before the races began that Wyman had passed away in his
sleep Saturday Night. I was heartbroken to say the least.

Later Wyman’s widow married a gentleman from my hometown,
Brownwood, and I met him in 1992. In 2002, I actually got
to talk to Wyman’s widow, and I shared some fond memories with her.

Anyway David, I think it is neat you are having The Wyman Priddy
Memorial at North Forty, and I thought you might enjoy this
story of Wyman’s early years.

Note: The Photo I posted Just may be one of the Earliest Photos of Wyman.
Willard Kelley
Wild Will From Stephenville
6 Time VDTRA Pro #1
Sponsored By:
Tom Laird, L A Racing, Hearne Tx.
Terry McDonald of House of Wheels Racing, Brownwood Tx.
Rod Lake Racing, San Jose Ca.
Pam McDonald of All Star Awards and Signs, Brownwood Tx.
K-K Enterprises, Stephenville Tx.
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