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The winter time is sort of a funny time for racers, a ton of waiting around, worrying about getting programs set for Daytona, while trying to stay fit for the next season.  For our crew of buddies we are all over the place and rarely get together like we do during the season.

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Photo Credit: Cervantes Trio PhotographyFlint MI Indoor Ice Race  - 28 Jan 2012
Since the I.C.E. race scheduled to be held at Glen Falls NY was cancelled due to the ice-making compressors breakdown, that made it possible for me to stay home and race in the Flint IMA Indoor Ice Race. Their format is a little different. The nice thing is you get to ride a little bit more in this race. Instead of racing in two Heats, you get to race in five Heats at least once. The local crowd gets hyped up, making it quite entertaining.
I was able to have a good night by winning all five of my Heats, and pull a hole shot, to win the Main Event.  Henry Wiles, Tom McGrane, Chaz Springsteen, Doug Beattie, and Doug Lawrence, to name a few, were also racing there. It was a lot of fun for sure. The best part is that we got to ride outdoors on one of our Michigan Lakes the next day. Beattie (brother of  Steve Beattie), Lawrence, Craig Pickett and Brian Smith ripped it up hard core on the ice.  I had a blast riding with these guys.

Photo: Center:  I.C.E. Promoter Brent Densford Celebrates with 2012 World Indoor ICE Racing Champions- Left:  Mandy "Wild Child" Brodil (5 Time Outlaw Quad Champion) and Right: 4 time Manufactures Cup World Motorcycle Champion"Jammin" Jared Mees!
Photo Credit: Cervantes Trio Photography

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A&J racing is excited to announce that they will be continuing their long partnership with sponsors for the 2012 AMA Pro Flat Track Harley-Davidson Insurance Grand National Championship, Presented by Motorcycle-Superstore.com

This will be marking a long continued history of each A&J racer with these companies, who will be backing Jimmy Wood #37 and Mike Rush #54 in the AMA Pro Harley-Davidson Insurance Expert Class.  As well Alex Wood #67E in the AMA Pro Motorcycle-Superstore.com Pro Singles class

MotioMotion Pro Tools and Cables
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PJ Jacobsen is proud to announce that his relationship with REV’IT! will continue for the 2012 season.

REV’IT! will be providing leathers, gloves, and other accessories for PJ to use in his first season in World Super Sport racing with PTR Honda.

“I am really happy with my partnership with REV’IT!”, said PJ. “The REV’IT! leathers I wore last season were totally comfortable, and definitely protected me well against bumps and scrapes more than once.”

“Also, REV’IT! makes really warm clothes for outdoor workouts in the winter.” PJ continued, “I run in the woods near my house a lot, and the heavier sportswear keeps me warm when I’m outside.”

PJ will be wearing the new season’s suit this week in Spain. This week will be PJ’s first outing on his new ride with PTR Honda.

Congratulations to both PJ and REV’IT! for this chance to make 2012 a successful year together!