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  Last weekend was the Grays Harbor Speedway AMA Grand National.

  We left on Saturday morning to head up north to Elma, Washington. The track workers prepped the track as if it was a World of Outlaws national. The weather was not the greatest, with a little sea mist that kept the track from drying out. So, the promoter said that he would be willing to run a day race on Sunday.

  We woke up around 4:00 AM on Sunday morning to head to the track. We got all set up and went out for the first practice session. The track had so much traction that we were struggling with some pogo-ing and headshake... it blew my feet off the pegs!

  In the first qualifying, we were still struggling and qualified 15th. We were going to try and put a stiffer spring on, but there wasn't  enough time, so I was going to try ten different things  in the second qualifying, because I had nothing to lose, and I was able to qualify 3rd.

  That put me 7th overall. We came back in and changed shocks. I was in the first heat, 4th off. I got a decent start and, on the second lap, Hunter Taylor was rubbing on me and he hit a hole. This brought out the red flag.

  On the restart, Ryan Wells and I had  a good battle towards the end of the race, but I beat him to the line (finishing third).

  I sat 5th off, for the main.

 I went into 1 in the 11th lap. I had gotten a terrible start, and had a lot of work ahead of me.  

  A lap later, the red flag came out. On the restart, I came off 4th. That made my job a lot better! I passed Bromley and started to catch Cole Fredrickson. In two laps, I got by him, but I was running about the same pace as Jarod  Vanderkooi, and wasn't able to pass him.

  I finished a solid second... 6 for 7 podiums!

  Stay tuned... our next stop: the Sacramento Mile!

Dirt Track Today

  We showed up in Hagerstown on Saturday morning after a little-over-two hour drive from Oxford, PA. We got all set up, and Jimmy Wood (from Race Tech Suspensions), my dad, and I went to look over turns 3 and 4. 

  After that, we waited for the first practice session. 

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Dirt Track Today

JUNE 7: Welland, ON - We headed to the first of two Flat Track Canada races held at the Welland County Speedway. I've had great luck there riding my Honda DTX bike and I've finally got my Honda framer together and it seems to be working great as well at our local track. I felt fast in practice and was able to win my 450 heat race and in my Open Pro my chain broke as the light went green which was a huge bummer because now I'd have to start on the back row for the main event! In the 450 main event I finished a close 2nd. The open main was going to be tough coming from the back but I knew I had the speed to make it to the front by the end of the 15 lapper. I got a good start and was picking guys off and moving towards the front with one lap to go I was in 3rd and I was moving in fast on the leaders, I made my move but I came up about 6 feet short of the win.

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Dirt Track Today

We left for Lima on Thursday night.Since I was leaving for three weeks, we stopped for dinner and ice cream on the way to the airport. Tj picked us up in Indy and drove to Lima. 

We got to Lima and went and looked at the track, before going to the hotel. There, Jimmy Wood (from Race Tech) started setting up the bikes, until it got dark. We ate dinner at Arby's, and went back to get some sleep.

The next morning, we got moving pretty late. It was nice, not being a day race. After lunch, we headed to the track to wait in line. We got there and discovered that someone at AMA Pro had made a big mistake... I wasn't pre-entered for ANY of the races I had pre-entered for, so we had no spot to pit!

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Dirt Track Today

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