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Ascot Flat Track Reunion – Saturday, May 12, 2012 in Pomona, California
Ascot Tribute Short Track Race – Sunday, May 13, 2012 in Perris, California

While Ascot Park Raceway has been gone for many years, the remarkable memories and allure connected with this hallowed ground of speed remain.

To celebrate all that was Ascot, the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum presented by the Automobile Club of Southern California is offering its spacious facility so everyone can enjoy race bikes on display and meet Ascot Half-mile, TT, and short track riders from the 1950’s-1990’s.

Bring your own Class C race bike or memorabilia, especially from the Ascot era (1959-1990), to display in the Museum’s expo area. There will be no judging or awards, just a lot of Ascot bench racing and a chance to meet the men and machines that made history.

The Grand Marshall is Sammy Tanner. He won 405 AMA events and Ascot’s first National Championship half mile in 1959.


Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum
1101 W. McKinley Ave., Bldg 3A
Pomona, California 91768

9 AM to 3 PM General Admission
(Set-up is from 7 AM to 9 AM)

Cost of $10.00 for all persons including those displaying. Profits benefit Aid to Injured Riders.

• Famous Ascot bikes and riders.
• Huge gathering of Ascot & other Pro Flat Track bikes!
• Free “End of an Era” posters by Mahony to first 100 attendees.
• “Ascot Reunion” commemorative programs.
• Live interviews of Ascot legends/National Champions.
• Commemorative posters/autograph sessions.
• Forgotten Ascot memorabilia & Flat Track bikes.
• Multimedia Ascot racing shots & videos by Mahony.
• Ascot memorabilia raffle.
• Shirts, hats, decals.

Museum: museum.nhra.com, 909-622-2133
Reunion: Ascot Flat Track Reunion facebook page
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Jerry Greer 805-927-5697
Aid to Injured Riders: air-fund.org/
Nicalee Sowders 405-664-7821

SUNDAY “TRIBUTE” SHORT TRACK RACE (not affiliated with Ascot Reunion)
Presented by Southern California Flat Track Association in Perris, CA (you don’t have to be an Ascot rider) to celebrate Ascot.
• All classes including Pros
• Special vintage and parade lap classes for Ascot Reunioneers
• Gates open 8 AM. Practice 10 AM. Races 11 AM – 3 PM

Southern California Flat Track Association
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Vince Graves 951-443-7622

Mere mention of the name Ascot Park still evokes a time when hotly contested Friday night flat track racing was a way of life for thousands of riders, tuners and fans. The physical track is gone, but the legend that was Ascot lives on.



Abrams, Bill 141R
Adamo, Frank 32Y
Adams, Scott 29
Adams, Tandy 51G
Aguilar, Jaime 4Y
Airson, Bob ???
Aksland, Skip 27
Aldana, Dave 13
Algren, Andy 45Z
Allen, Mike 174Z
Allen, Phil 116R
Allison, Harold 55R
Allison, Jeff 83R
Allison, John 55
Anderson, Bob 77X
Anderson, Bruce 37Y
Anderson, Mike 32X
Anderson, Steve 105Y
Andres, Brad #1
Andres, Chuck 219Z
Andrus, Loren 51R
Annen, Jeff 4W
Anthony, PeeWee 125F
Antista, Pete 279R
Armbruster, Brent 73
Armentrout, Chris 46
Armour, Del(Chubby) 9G
Armstrong, Alex 109R
Armstrong, Craig 44R
Armstrong, Perry 20X
Armstrong, Sandy 49
Arnaiz, Rich 27
Arnold, Lonnie 270R
Arrambedie, Dave 38R
Arrambedie, Mike 40X
Arter, Bill 77R
Arthur, Julian 22W
Arthur, Michael 11Y
Ashworth, Jim 40X
Atherton, Brian 98
Atherton, Kevin 23
Atkinson, Scott 91Q
Aurandt, Dick 55X
Autrey, Scott 16R
Avoian,Tom 194E
Bacarella, Russ 64R
Bacosa, Robert 58Y
Bailey, Bob 33
Bailey, Don 18Y
Baird, Glen 120R
Baker, Al 16X
Baker, Chuck 53X
Baker, Dallas 58X
Baker, Steve 32
Bakke, Kris 31Z
Balderson, Darin 56
Bannon, Tom 143R
Barda, Art 96
Barker, Earl 57X
Barnes, Howard 86R
Barnett, Mearl 97Y
Barratt, Rex 21X
Barrow, Ken 68R
Bartch, Ralph 240R
Bartels, Bill 115R
Bartha, Skip 242R
Basney, Chuck Jr. 134R
Bast, Harlan 87X
Bast, Mike 18R
Bast, Steve 71X
Beach, Jay 17K
Beard, Butch 143M
Beason, _______ 76R
Beason, Tim 26X
Beauchamp, Rex 31
Beck, Dave 90X
Beck, Ray 4Z
Becker, Marshall ???
Beer, Bobby 216Y???
Bell, Steve ???
Bell, Tom 65R
Bellina, Dave 20Z
Bellino, Bob 90Z
Bengston, Billy 304R
Bennett, Dan 28
Bennett, Gene 120E
Bennett,-------- 76R
Berado, Nick 396R
Bereman, Randy 5Y
Berrena, Frank 68R
Berry, Chuck 93X
Berry, Jim 39X
Berry, Tom 30
Bingston, Billy 91
Bird, Larry ???
Bird, Randy 115E
Blake, Rick 33Y
Bledsoe, Bob 142R
Blevins, Gary 65R
Blochinger, Neal 28Z
Blunt, Jamey 61X
Boaz, Bob 41Z
Bodette, Pete 36X
Bonesteel, Brian 3B
Bonner, Ron 48R
Bostrom , Paul 46
Bostrom, Dave 23
Bowen, Wayne 68X
Boyce, Gary 92M
Boyes, Mike 66W
Boyle, Chuck 203R
Brackett, Randy 17M
Braddy, Brett 70G
Bradley, David 56
Bradley, Mike 72R
Branson, Bill 106R
Branson, Paul 64R
Brashear, Everett 25
Brelsford, Kurt 92Z
Brelsford, Mark #1
Brelsford, Scott 19
Bricker, Kevin 8Z
Brienzi, Gino 7G
Briggs, Bill 202R
Briggs, Dennis 53
Brite, Tracy ???
Brooks, Dave 342R
Brooks, Dean 78Y
Brow, Garth 15
Brown, Brian 58Y
Brown, Charlie 78
Brown, Dick 134R
Brown, Fran 50
Brown, Joe 43Y
Brown, Joey 19Y
Brown, Kenny ???
Bruce, Blackie 38X
Bruce, Bob 248R
Bullock, Dick 82R
Bullock, Dick 80X
Burg, Robbie 33R
Burgess, Steve 72E
Burhen, Les 150R
Burkholder, Steve 47A
Burkman, Dennis 238R
Burnett, John 68Y
Burns, Sam 127R
Burres, Sonny 69
Busby, Dave 2Y
Butler, Don 9A
Butler, Mark 74Z
Butterfield, Dean 96R
Byar, Larry 68F
Byers, Carl 105???
Byrd, Ron 15R
Cain, Bill 298R
Caldwell, Gary 10R
Caldwell, John 31R
Calicura, Bill 84Z
Cambell, Ricky 65
Cameron, Tom 18W
Camlin, Davey 27
Camp, Dennis 42Y
Camp, Steve 80X
Campbell, Hank 175R
Campbell, Thomas ???
Cancilla Jr. ,Philly 19Y
Cannon, Chris 17R
Cannon, Curtis 23
Cardoza, Joe 107Y
Carillo, Steve 23Y
Carlisle, Don 80Y
Carlson, Denny ???
Carlson, Sid 73
Carlsson, Dennis 196???
Carlton, Danny 99X
Carr, Chris #1
Carroll, Bud 15E
Carroll, Tom 122R
Carter, Art 54R
Carter, John 49R
Castelhano, Arnold 67Y
Castro, Don 11
Castro, Joe 117Y
Catuto, Dick 63R
Caves, Mike 28
Chandler, Doug 10
Chandler, Lou 45X
Chankey, Joe 388R
Chinowski, Alex 35R
Chosney, Reg 92R
Christopher, Doug 32R
Church, Gene 8C
Clark , Tom 66X
Clark, Don 113R
Clark, Tom 53Z
Clarke, Dave Sr 65
Clarke, Mike 53
Cleek, Randy 29
Cody, Bill 41X
Coffman, Chuck 206R
Coleman, Stan 96X
Collins, Mike 16M
Colman, Steve 65R
Conklin, Hank 93Y
Conserriere, Paul 9R
Cook, Ray 280R
Cooper, Tom 240R
Coppage, Dusty 32
Corder, Butch 92Y
Cornoff, Bob 338R
Cornwell, Jon 25
Corpe, Jim 48
Corpe, Ken 148Z
Corsetti, Mark 50Y
Costaga, Joe 106Y
Costanza, Les 132Y
Coulter, Freeman 44X
Cove, Craig 117R
Cox, Diane 66Q
Cox, Don 163X
Coye, Chuck 15
Crabbe, Rob 38
Crabbe, Willie 46
Crank, Karl 105Y
Crawford, Jan 45R
Crawford, Jim 111R
Crenshaw, Jim 21Y
Crist, Jay 73G
Criswell, Dude ???
Crowell, Ed 471R
Crump, Roger 4C
Cruz, Ty 70Y
Cullum, PeeWee 56
Dailey, Ed 80M
Dale, Pat 69X
Damron, Rob 68
Darling, Chance 84
Darr, Larry 94
Davidedge, Dennis 224R
Davidge, Dennis 30X
Davidson, Butch 21Z
Davidson, Ted 56Z
Davis, Doug 41
Davis, Gary 29Q
Davis, Rusty 4Y
Davis, Tom 157R
Davis,Will 21
Day, Keith 22
De May, Babe 51
Deane, Rick 35
DeCecco, Chal 85Y
DeJong, Gary 150Y
DeLa Torre, Paul 72R
DeLacey, Mike 140Y
Delacey, Rick 65Z
Deligianis, Nick 209R
Dell, Bill 117R
Dell, Tony 55R
DeSoto, John 125X
Devlin, Mike 177R
Dillon, Mike 20
Dobbins, Don 45X
Dominguez, Frank 62X
Donaher, Terry 43X
Donahue, Tony 67K
Dorresteyn, Dick 76
Dorsch, Terry 22
Dove, Jimmy 19X
Dovel, Daryl 45
Doyle, Marv 263R
Draayer, Chris 77
Drago, Rudy 165R
Drake, Ian 201R
Drake, Scott 91
Drazan, Dick 237R
Dring, Harry 66Y
Droste, Steve 26K
Dudek , Don 42X
Dugan, Ray 5Y
Duhamel, Yvon 5T
Duma, Tommy 26
Dunithan, Jerry 207R
Dunlavey, James 96Z
Durelle, Davey 58
Durkee, Rick 162R
Eadie, Al 64
Eadie, Fred 101R
Earhart, Larry 16E
Earhart, Larry 28X
Earl, Lenny 34X
Eaves, Billy 41
Edwards, Freddy 15R
Egan, Pat 62R
Ehrhart, David 112E
Eichert, Dave 86R
Eklund, Jeff 50
Eklund, Miles 81X
Eklund, Steve #1
Elder, Bill 86
Elder,Mike 35W
Ellis, Randy 17R
Ellisarrars, Rick 18Y
Ellisworth, Steve 77X
Ely, Rob 23Z
Emde, Bob 48
Emde, Don 25
Emick, Ron 40Z
Emmick, Geezer 27R
Ermels, Ron(Muff) 11R
Ershig, Bert 21G
Ershig, Bill 43X
Ershig, Burt 31X
Estep, Don 64
Eubanks, Robbie 231R
Evans, Gary 94R
Evans, Pat 161R
Everett, George 84
Fakkeledy, Ben ???
Falconer, Matt 17Z
Faltersack, Fred 97Z
Farrell, Jim 121R
Farris Rodney 92
Fay, Mickey 59
Feeny, Greg 149R
Felicio, Chad 54
Ferro, Bob 91X
Field, Billy 48L
Fields, Carly 164R
Filice, Jimmy 17
Fillet, Dick 251R
Filmer, Craig 47Y
Finan, Al 106X
Fisher, Gary 9A
Fisher, Rex 12
Fitze, Dennis 7Y
Fletcher, Jason 65
Flett, Bill 44Z
Flores, Marco 105R
Foley, Jim 79Y
Forrest, Dick 265R
Fortriede, Chick 262R
Fortune, Steve 71R
Foster, Steve 90Y
Foster, Walt 84
Fournier, Milt 117Y
Fox, Dick 65X
Francini, Pete 107Z
Frauenberger, Don 76R
Fredenburg, Art 62G
Frediani, Dave 160Z
Frietas, Wink 34
Fullbright, Eddie 52X
Fulton, Bill 60X
Fulton, Bob 47X
Fulton, Walt Jr. 63
Galindo, Rudy 49R
Garabedian, Bobby 13E
Garcia, Brian 17R
Garcia, Frank 8Y
Garrish, John 281R
Garrison, Bobby 13Z
Garrison, Doug 61Y
Garrison, Mike 51
Geese, Larry 28R
Gennai, John 20
George, Ric 313R
Gibbs, Randy 22Y
Gibson, Johnny 5
Gifford, Eric 14Z
Gifford, Ryan 75Y
Giles, Rivers 239R
Gilkey, Mike 43
Gillespie, Frank 76
Gillis, Rick ???
Gino, Larry 96R
Gleason, Pee Wee 57E
Glenn, Scott 255Y
Glidden, Justin 282R
Glines, Pete 187R
Goad, Joe 56X
Goldsmith, Jim 60X
Goldthwaite, Roger 25Z
Gordon, Wally 210R
Gosch, Pat 47
Goss, Randy #1
Gowing, Tom 121R
Grady, Harold 234R
Graham, Ricky #1
Graham, Terry 14Y
Grant, John 79Y
Graves, Bob 188R
Graves, Vince ???
Green, Eric 12Z
Green, Joel 6Z
Green, Mel ???
Green, Mil 34X
Green, Randy 24
Greenstreet, Bob 120???
Grief, Casper 55X
Griffith, Randy 90Z
Grigsby, Don 31Z
Gunter, Al 3
Haaby, Dan 22
Hagey, John 112R
Hailey, Rex 73E
Hale, Mike 12N
Hale, Mike 27Z
Haley, Al 208R
Halkola, Marti 39R
Hall, Jim 86R
Hall, Steve 72
Hames, Pete 32
Hammer, Dick 16
Hammond, Eddie 16R
Haney, Jeff 28
Haney, Mike 91
Hanlon, Bruce 78Z
Hansen, Dave 23
Hanson,Ken 133R
Hardin, Willie 186E
Hardison, Bobby 227R
Hardt, Doug 62R
Harms, Don 21Y
Harp, Brad 41X
Harrel, Donnie 54Z
Harris, Bob 244R
Harris, Donnie 74R
Harris, Tim 21X
Harrison, Rob 67R
Hart, Chuck 42R
Hart, Doug ???
Hart, James 16P
Hart, Tim 2X
Hartline, Gene 68E
Haserot, Bruce 69R
Hassay, Rob 29E
Hatcher, Dewey 169R
Hateley, Jack 102R
Hately, John 98
Hawk, Phil 8X
Hawley, Don 6
Hayes, Glen 355R
Haynes, Jim(Haywire) 95Y
Hearing, Elmer 34Z
Hebb, Dave 33
Heiland, Carroll 176R
Heins, Bill 86X
Heinslemon, Larry ???
Helm, Digger 37
Hendrix , Wayne 48X
Hennen, Pat 24Z
Henry, Joe 42Y
Hernandez, Pete 209R
Hernandez, Steve 19Y
Herndon, Billy 19
Herrera, Tony 171Y
Higuera, Jim 18Y
Hill, Aaron 17
Hill, Bob 116R
Hill, Willie 14X
Hixon,Wayne 210R
Hockie, Danny 33R
Hockie, Willie 81R
Hocking, Rick 13
Hodges, Greg 56Y
Hoffman, Murray 198R
Hoffman, Sal 73Y
Hofmeister, Bill 89K
Holdsclaw, Tony 58Z
Holland, Bruce 22R
Holloway, Lynn 50X
Holly, Al 267R
Holly, Ric 13R
Holt, Brad 50E
Hood, Bob 85X
Hook, Peter 77
Hoover, Tony ???
Horton, Tom 55
Hosaka, Wayne 55X
Hosford, Bob 168R
Houchins, Lloyd 79
Houston, Duane 9G
Howard, Donny 48
Huey, Lester 15Q
Huff, Dennis 32Z
Hulbert, Darren 8E
Hulbert, Dennis ???
Hunt, Kraig 76G
Hunter, Jim ???
Hurst, Brad 51
Hurst, Darryl 34
Hutchins, Rick 14R
Hyson, Steve 2Q
Inderbitzin, Mike 46
Ingram, Dan 31
Ingram, Reed 212R
Isaacs, Johnny 10X
Jackson, Bruce 35X
Jackson, Carroll 93Y
Jackson, Clemmie 248R
Jackson, Dick 153R
Jacobs, Bob 20Y
Jacobson, Clay 130R
Jacobson, Keith 90
James, Rick 68R
Jamison, Bill 16Y
Jennings, Marshall 29R
Jesse, Tom 132R
Johnson, Dennis 241R
Johnson, Jeff 135Q
Johnson, Jeff 37
Johnson, Paul 115Y
Johnson, Vern 14G
Jones, Chuck 27
Jones, David 74G
Jones, DeWayne ???
Jones, Gary ???
Jones, Jim 103R
Jones, Lance 23
Jones, Ronnie 16
Jones, Tom 144Q
Jorgensen, Alex 44
Jorgensen, Kem 10Z
Jorgensen, Toby 80Y
Jorgenson, Otto 41W
Joyner, Chuck 60
Kabey, Joe 161R
Kamp, Dennis 42Y
Kanegae, Dennis 5X
Kapus, Gary 7V
Karsten, Steve 21R
Kato, Kiyomru 196X
Kazulis, Bob 182R
Keen, Neil 10
Keener, Corky 62
Keener, Jim(BooBoo) 90Y
Keeter, DeWayne 44
Kellam, John 137Y
Kelly, Dan 233R
Kenyon, Al 88Y
Kenyon, Hal 45
Kerner, Wayne 301R
Kerr, David 164R
Kerr, Jeff 182R
Kessler, Jim 52R
Kidd, Gordy 13R
Kidd, Mike #1
Killian, Pate 37X
King, Rich 80
Kinnamon, Bill 213R
Kinsey, Stan(Cowboy) 126E
Kirby, Mike 76R
Kirk, Tammy 57
Kirschenman, Karl ???
Kitchens, Bob 355R
Klatt, Ross 19E
Klocow, Joe 23X
Knowles, Ronnie 214R
Knutson, Sonny 345R
Kojak, Jim 35R
Konle, Jack 46X
Konle, Mike 89X
Kopriva, Tom 88Z
Korndoff, Bob 338R
Kraft, Rick 69G
Kreps, Skip 266R
Kretz, Eddie Jr. 33
Krugh, Harry 11X
Kruse, Mark 256R
Kruseman, Ron 12X
Kruser, Keith 5R
Kunsman, Mike 93Z
Labrie, Billy 10
Lacher, Mel 37
Lacher, Ron 95R
LaFortune, Tom 38R
Land, Derek 11Y
Land, Robert 3Z
Landry, Gary 116L
Lane, Mike 14Z
Laney, Mike 46R
Languth, Butch 71R
Lano, Leo 243R
LaPlante, Brian 40E
Larkin, Kelly 3G
Larkin, Shawn 12G
Larson, Dick 97R
Larson, Eric 31Y
Larson, John 57X
Lass, Paul 40X
Lastra, Ron 18R
Lattimer, Ron 146R
Lawill, Mert #1
Lawson, Eddie 21
Lawson,Steve 8H
LeBlanc, Frenchie 77L
Ledbetter, Mark 174E
Ledford, Bob 69X
Lee, Adam 20Y
Lee, Troy 16
Leggett, Chuck 59F
Leipold, Shawn 21Y
Lenhr, Dave 143R
Leonard, Joe #1
Leppeck, Bob 96Z
Leslie, Jim 91F
Lesser, Dwayne 246R
Lester, Carl 229R
Levoff, Larry 117Y
Lewis, Dave 182Y
Lewis, Guy 27
Lewis, Jay 141E
Lewis, Pat 261R
Lewis,Steve 208R
Libby, Mike 64X
Litch, Clyde 95X
Lohmes, Art 199R
Long, Hugh 158?
Longwith, Ted 14R
Lott, Glenn 248R
Lout, Earl 70
Lozano, Gary 70Y
Lujan, Dave 12R
Lundberg, Dwayne 175R
Lundgren, John 45E
Lyons, Loy 235R
Lytell, Dick 40Y
Macalear, Don 126R
MacDonald, Marty 14X
MacDonald, Phil 98R
Mahony, Dan 32R
Maitland,Tom 30
Malaguarnero, Ruben 212R
Mamola, Randy 127Z
Manley, Bill 19R
Mann, Dick #1
Mark, Al Jr. 298R
Mark, Al Sr. ???
Markel, Bart #1
Marth, Steve 11B
Martin, Craig 182G
Martin, Robin 63E
Mashburn, Keith 19
Mathel, Jim 222???
Matherson, Bill 23E
Matherson, John 29Y
Mathews, Don 260R
Mathews, Sam 77Y
Matthews, Jerry 184X
Maxwell, Speedy 22X
Mayfield, Steve 48Z
Mazzucchi, Roland 216R
Mc Dowell, Bill 259R
McBee, Al 72Z
McCaul, Pat 48
McCaul, Pat 48
McClure, Guy 50N
McCoy, Willie 59
McCullom, Tom 37R
McCurley, Dave 128Y
McDaniel, Jeff 21W
McDonald, Kenny 26
McDonald, Phil 25
McDonnell, Bill 26Y
McDonnell, Dan 74
McDowell, Bobby 43
McDowell, Brian 20Y
McEwan, Bob 151R
Mckean, Emory(Red) 27X
McKeon, Gary 141R
McMurren, Jim 11
McWhorter, Dan 79R
McWhorter, Tim 27E
Mead, Chuck 264R
Mead, Vince 94
Menken, Mike 265Z
Merritt, Don 232R
Merser, Richard ???
Mertins, Jim 10Y
Mertins, Tim 53
Middleton, Mike 265Z
Miller, Chuck 11Y
Miller, Randy 7R
Miller,Brett 44F
Mills, Dick 31R
Milner, Ricky 142R
Minert, Chuck(Feets) 13X
Minnig, Mike 63
Mitchell, Ed 235R
Mixon, Wayne 110R
Mizen, Ike 60R
Mohr, Tom 85R
Monger, Steve 54
Monyer, Dave 257R
Moore, Dick 99R
Moore, Mike 107X
Moore, Ron 37
Moore, Wayne 217R
Morairty, Terry 89R
Morehead, Steve 42
Morgan, Bill 25Z
Morgan, Robert 51Z
Morley, Chief 77X
Morley, Dick 93X
Morley, Stu 8
Morris, Eddie 33R
Morris, Stan 67Y
Morrison, Dick 19R
Morrison, Jack 67X
Morrison, Rob 25
Morton, Mike 25X
Mountz, Glen ???
Moural, Lowell 49Y
Muckenthaler, Johnny 83
Mudd, Chris 9X
Mudd, Steve 69R
Mulder, Eddie 12
Mullins, Dan 51G
Mumford, Mike 14X
Mundt, Alan 8Q
Murguia, Tony 50
Murray, Mark 31Y
Murray, Rob 70R
Myatt, H. P. 23Y
Myer, Earl 28X
Myers, Gordon 218R
Myers, Mike 84R
Nazzisi, Nick 88Z
Neihart, Dylan 131E
Nelson, Greg 53E
Nelson, Ron 93R
Newby, Rick 23Z
Newell, Dickie 34R
Newell, Pat 204R
Newton, Ted 40
Nicholas, Jody 23
Nichols, Steve 70R
Nicholson, Jimmy 28
Nickerson, Glen 25
Nix, Freddy 95
Nixon, Gary #1
Norlund, Dale 95R
Norris, Troy 85
Nutter, Sonny 19X
O ‘Brien, Jack 24
O’Brien, Barry 188R
O’Brien, Mike 75Z
O’Brien, Tim 133Z
O’Connor, Lawrence 27T
O’Crowley, John 187E
O’Hagen, Brian ???
Oden, Ivan 66X
Odom, Jimmy 18
Oertner, Larry 66Y
Oleson, Eric 474R
Oliver, Billy 22
Omo, George 54X
Oort, Steve 61
Opperman, Jan 45Y
Ordway, Wayne 220R
Orr, Charlie 61
Owens, Pat 93X
Padgett, Ed 70R
Pagnella, Joe 124R
Paine, Ernie 101Y
Palmer, Dave 63
Palmer, Dennis 172X
Palmgren, Chuck 38
Palmgren, Denny 42M
Palmgren, Larry 5
Parker, John 21R
Parker, Scotty #1
Parks, Marlow 16G
Parsons, Larry 78X
Parti, Mike 1 (Sidecar ’65, ’66, ’67)
Patrick, Barry 82N
Patrick, Carl 29X
Patterson, Wes 138R
Paul, Don 98W
Paulson, Steve 62?
Payne, Sid 32
Peagram, Larry 72
Pearson, Jim 283R
Pearson, Scott 95
Pederson, Steve 48X
Pelkey, Barry 16Q
Peluso, Sal 6R
Penn, Loyal 58R
Penner, John 86R
Perez, Ramon (Porky) 31Y
Perkins, Danny 89
Perrault, Cory 7Y
Perri, Dana 54Y
Perri, Mitch 55Y
Peters, Jerry 46X
Peterson, Brian 26Q
Peterson, Jim 52X
Petton Jr., Travis 82E
Petton, Travis ???
Petty, Chuck 196R
Petty, Preston 68Y
Pfetzing, Rob 2R
Phillips, Tom 27Y
Phipps, Gene 107R
Pierce, Glenn ???
Pierce, Ron 97Z
Pittson, Alex 25R
Plain, Jimmy 25
Plain, Joe 38Y
Plueger, Rich 17E
Podergois, Scott 11Z
Polhemus, Paul 80Z
Pollicca, Denny 471R
Polson, Scott 157E
Polson, Steve 62E
Poovey, Teddy 42N
Poovey, Terry 18
Porter, S. E. 240R
Posey, Mike 87R
Powell, Ron 31X
Powell, Wes 33
Pressgrove. Paul 74
Prettyman, Ray 92X
Pritchard, George 53R
Proto, John 56Y
Prouetti, Perry 108Y
Quinn, Ron 202R
Racine, Dave 66R
Raggio, Harold 69Z
Rainey, Wayne 60
Rall, Ronnie 52
Ralph, Dennis 106R
Ramer, Don 15K
Randall, Rory 465R
Rasmussen, Steve 45Y
Rausch, Eric 96
Rawls, Jim 41N
Rayborn, Cal 25
Raymond, Jimmy 215R
Raymond, Steve 81Z
Reed, Dale 126Z
Reed, Ike 90
Reed, Rick 59Y
Rehmert, Curt 50
Reiman, Roger #1
Reina, Rudy 244R
Reinart, Mark 117E
Reinhard, John 62S
Reinl, Roger 31X
Renslow, Mike 45
Reon, Debbie 140Y
Resweber, Carroll #1
Rice, Jim 24
Rich, Jonny(Tiger) 39X
Richards, Jim 155R
Richardson, Burt 97R or 67R?
Ridgeway, Jay 67
Riggs, Randy 182R
Riley, Bill 82X
Riley, Don 88X
Riley, Lorne 224R
Ring, Roger 82R
Ring, Ward 25R
Ritterbeck, Earl 115Y
Roader, James 59Y
Robbins, Gil 160Z
Roberts, Dennis 258R
Roberts, Don 37Y
Roberts, Kenny #1
Robertson, Dennis 148
Robicheaux, Kenny 186Z
Robinson, Buddy 93
Robinson, Dennis 41Z
Robinson, Rocky 6Y
Rockwood, Tom 88
Roder 2nd, George 66
Roder, George 94
Roder, Jess 94
Rogers, Rusty 57
Rogers, Stan 74X
Rogers, Woody 55Y
Rolfing, Cliff 149R
Roloff, Earl 72R
Romero, Gene #1
Rondy, Greg 197Z
Roose, Randy 68W
Rosa, Jim 31E
Rose, Larry 86X
Rowe, Dorothy 12E
Rudolph, Larry 133Y
Runyan, Jeff 214R
Ruprecht, Phil 63P
Russell, Bob 7G
Russell, Elton 31R
Russell, Jeff 85J
Russell, Robert 27Z
Ryan, Dave 15Y
Ryan, Grant 71X
Sabedra, Adam 12E
Sage, Terry 70Z
Salazar, Joe 69X
San Roman, Eddie 25E
Sanchez, Frankie 5Z
Sanchez, Jimmy 20Z
Sanders, Bob 63
Sassaman, Greg 21
Satterley, Sam 72
Saunders, Scott 94E
Savage, Swede 74X
Sawyer, Tom 11W
Say, Randy 17X
Scally, Bob 71Z
Scardigli, Dick 102Y
Schaeffer, Bill 96
Schiffilea, Tom 51R
Schmidt, Wayne 228Z
Schnell, Loren 215R
Scott, Billy 81
Scott, Gary #1
Scott, Hank 14
Scott, Michael 88A
Scott, Randy 50
Scott, Steve 15X
Scroggins, Craig 8Y
Seabourne, Shorty 8
Seale, Charlie 47
Sehl, Dave 21T
Sehl, Doug 45
Selby, Gary 2Z
Selby, Tim 86Z
Selvy, Rob 199R
Sepulveda, George 43
Sequin, Jerry 56X
Sexton, Jeff ???
Sexton, Rod 75E
Shaeffer, Bill 96
Sherman, Tom 226R
Shigemasa, Ivan 56Z
Shippman, Larry 220R
Shirey, Bob 46X
Shobert, Bubba #1
Shoemaker, Del 49X
Shultz, Elliott 27
Shurley, Del 72X
Siebrandt, John 81R
Silvers, Jim 87S
Simmons, Jack 88
Simonsen, P. J. 3W
Sims, Bennie 51M
Singlestad, Ray 152R
Singleton, Terry 117E
SirKegian, Bobby 12X
Sisk, Russ ???
Sividge, Scott ???
Skibsted, Bobby 57X
Skiver, Randy 35
Skov, Carroll 102R
Skov, Tim 77Y
Sloan, Todd 33
Smith, Arlette 11B
Smith, Cliff 63R
Smith, Dave 15
Smith, Gene 169R
Smith, Guy 44R
Smith, Malcolm ???
Smith, Mark 33Y
Smith, Randy 61Y
Smith, Randy 31X
Smith, Ricky 12Y
Smith, Scott 95E
Snyder, Steve 12Z
Snyder, Walden 286R
Soderstrom, Charlie 74E
Souza, Bbob 36X
Sowell, Devin 59R
Spangler, Frank 134R
Sparkman, Ken 61R
Spearing, George 222R
Spearing, George 163R
Spears, Roger 313R
Spence, Randy 77A
Spencer, Freddy 19
Spencer, Rod 49
Sperry, Jeff 13Y
Sperry, John 28R
Spitzer, Mike 86X
Sponseller, Mike 99C
Springsteen, Chuck 21X
Springsteen, Jay #1
Springsteen, Ken 86X
Stahl, Tom 26R
Stanley, Dan 10
Stapp, Homer 29R
Statum, Terry 19R
Steffan, Joe 74E
Stenz, Jim 198R
Stephens,Bill 84Y
Stevens, Jim 87R
Stewart, Steve 77Y
Stewart, Warren 156R
Stiles, Larry 110???
Stoner, Mel 50X
Stover, Tom 222R
Striber, George 50R
Stroman, Dave 36X
Strong, Kirk 75W
Stubbs, Bud 42R
Stump, Scott 77
Sullivan, Mark 44W
Sullivan, Rodney 39Y
Summers, Charlie 31R
Sweet, Sammy 60
Taboada, Roy 28Z
Talarico, John 41X
Talbot, Rick 180X
Tanner, Cary 7X
Tanner, Sammy 7
Tardiff, Kirk 111Y
Taylor, Jiim 157R
Taylor, John 24Z
Taylor, Larry 184R
Taylor, Ron 119R
Taylor, Ted 75
Terhune, Dick(Spider) ???
Texter, Randy 65
Theroux, Nick 64
Thilkie, Charlie 56
Thomas, Sam 84X
Thomas, Tim 34Y
Thompson, Don 219R
Thompson, Mike 70Y
Thompson, Roger 39R
Thorwaldson, Rich 26X
Tibben, Ron 60
Tidwell, Jim 255R
Tidwell, Mike 156R
Tillson, Brian 14U
Toby, Ron ???
Todd, Kevin 20G
Todd, Phil 18X
Tomasie, Squire 17W
Tonda, Gary 7Z
Torpey, James 111Q
Tortorelli, Don 86R
Trait, Rich 142X
Traver, Bill 223R
Tresser, Andy 91
Tresser, Art 45Z
Triest, Karl 38Y
Trulson, Lars 33W
Tuell, Jim 109M
Turnbaugh, Bill 218R
Turner, Butch ???
Turner, Elbert 126Z
Ueckert, Bill 158R
Van Leeuwen, Skip 59
Van Ness, Mike 129R
VanAcker, Mike 63X
Vanderpool, Ray 123R ???
VanScoy, Mike 153???
Vardeman, Tom 76X
Varnes, Kevin 89
Vaughn, Jack 80R
Verado, Nick 396R
Verdoorn, Larry 120R
Villella, Bryan 65X
Volk, Richie 18R
Waffle, Don 201R
Waldman, Ralph 88Z
Waldo, Gary 70R
Walker, Jerry 90R
Walters, Don 26R
Walton, Tommy 27E
Walz, Milo 58R
Warren, Eric 165Y
Warren, Rich 24Y
Waters, Don 95
Waters, Rick 15W
Watkins, Larry 62W
Waugh, Bud 18X
Waugh, Truman 226R
Weinert, Jimmy 66A
Wellbaum, Bruce 52R
Welty, Le Roy 144R
West, Bill 103R
West, Jim 50X
Wherman, Don ???
Wherman, Lee 42X
White, Clark 77
White, Dan 30R
White, Gary 74R
White, Ralph 15
White, Tom 80
Wiesanant, “Whiz” 6X
Wilburn, Larry 59R
Wilde, Paul 214R
Wilkerson, Jack 31Q
Willard, Fred 444R
Willey, Jay 43
Williams, Bob 127
Williams, Mark 70
Williamson, Larry 84
Willingham, Jerry 54R
Wilson, Don 78
Wilson, Howard 227R
Wilson, Joe 76G
Wilson, Skip 108R
Wincewicz, John 55
Winston 3rd, Joe 14R
Winston, Neil 46E
Winter, Storme 60Z
Wirth, Eddie 77
Wolf, Bob 228R
Wolff, Tim 70X
Woods, Rick ???
Woolley, Ted 88R
Word 3rd, Frank 84
Wray, Jimmy 12X
Wright, Jim 44E
Yamamoto, Ron 35W
Yarn, Mike 46Z
Yocum, Brian 65Z
Yoder,Ted 79X
Yost, Dave 25W
Zakarian, Ben 7Z
Zimmerman, Eberhard 230R
Zine, Vince 163R

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