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      Jan-Willem A. Jansen of Dutch Brothers Racing brings us the latest news on European Flat Track racing.
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      "Saving Old Racing Equippment - One Part At A Time...."

      New section for old motorcycle resources, technical guides, and obscure information that is slowly fading away, becoming more difficult to find.  If you have any to share, send it in!  Let's preserve it for posterity.

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    • Pick 'Em Stats

      Flat Track Pick 'Em Contest

      • 1) Rules- Actually we don't really have any hard set rules since this contest is just for fun and some bragging rights. So these are actually more like guidelines.
        • 1a) Pick your top 5 riders in the order you think they will finish.
        • 1b) Picks need to be made before practice begins.
        • 1c) Try to put your picks in the subject line. This will just make it easier for me so I don't have to open each thread to log picks.
          You will not be DQ'ed if you don't do this, it will just make it easier for me. In the old forum you had to have something in the message box, so you can put anything there you want.
      • 2) Scoring
        • 2a) Scoring for each race-
          The race scoring is a little hard to explain by typing but I will do my best. The key things to remember is that all 5 of your picks WILL factor into the scoring, so it is crucial to have all 5 of your picks do well. Also, the picks will be scored on a weighted basis with your 1st pick carrying the most weight down to your 5th pick carrying the least.

      So here is how it works:

      Each rider you pick will be assigned the same points they earn for that race based on AMA scoring. That is 23, 19, 16, 15, 14........dropping by 1 down to 1. Here is where the weighting of the picks comes into play. Your first picks points will be multiplied by 5. Second pick by 4, third pick by 3, 4th pick by 2, and finally your last pick by 1. So if you pick the winner of the race, your first pick would be scored (23x5)= 115. If your first pick finished 3rd, your first pick would be scored (16x5)= 80. If your second pick won the race, that second pick would be scored (23x4)= 92. Once all 5 picks are scored then the 5 totals are added together and high score wins. A couple examples from last season's finale at Tucson.
      The top 10 from there was Kopp(23), Coolbeth(19), King(16), Mees(15), Bigelow(14), Pearson(13), Johnson(12), Carr(11), Russell(10), Eades(9).

      Picker A picks Coolbeth, Mees, Kopp, Carr, Johnson. He scores (19x5)+(15x4)+(23x3)+(11x2)+(12x1): 95+60+69+22+12= 258
      Picker B picks Carr, Kopp, Coolbeth, King, Mees. He scores (11x5)+(23x4)+(19x3)+(16x2)+(15x1): 55+92+57+32+15= 251
      Picker C picks Kopp, Coolbeth, Carr, Russell, Eades. He scores (23x5)+(19x4)+(11x3)+(10x2)+(9x1): 115+76+33+20+9= 253

      I chose these 3 examples to iilustrate a few things. Picker A does not pick the winner yet has the most points due to picking the 2nd place finisher 1st and having 5 of the top 8 and 3 of the top 4 in his picks. Picker B has 5 of the top 8 and all of the top 4 in his picks. Yet since his first pick finished 8th, he has the lowest point total of the 3. Picker C picks the top 2 in order but since his final 3 picks were further back, he does not finish ahead of Picker A. So picking the winner does not mean you will beat everyone who did not pick the winner. And vice versa, not picking the winner does not mean you can't win the race. All 5 picks matter and the order you put them in matter.

        • 2b) Tie breakers- If 2 pickers score the same amout of points, the first tie-breaker will be whose first pick scored higher. If they have the same rider 1st, then I will go to their 2nd pick, and keep going until the tie is broken. In the event that 2 pickers pick the same exact top 5 in the same order, the picker that posted picks first wins the tie breaker.
        • 2c) Season points- Each race will be scored accoring to AMA points to get our season champion. The winner of each pickem race will be awarded 23 points, 2nd place will get 19 and so on. We will have only one champion- there will not be a twins and a singles champion. One combined champion here.

      Past champions I know for sure include Craig(Pickem creator), reeder, BBRP, tschwab. If you remember any other past champions, post them here because I can't remember who all has won. Other threats include HopRacing(2nd the past 2 years I believe), JGPhotowerx(came in late last year and had a number of good finishes down the stretch), hos (top 5 last year and the MAN). tschwab(2006 champion) had a disappointing season last year where he lost his sponsor during the season, I look for a return to the top from him. I know tor has been gearing up for this year after a rough year last year. Jped, Bill A, Gabe, Gabe's Girl Cara, Vince, The Warden, Mikey Reed have had some seasons where they have all finished toward the top. I also look for Dan River to be near the top this year, I look for a great season and a return to his winning ways for the rider that they always pick to win.(Yes Dan River, I know who you are......lol) I also look for some noise to be made from some newcomers. I see that we have a Russell from CA that has made picks for Daytona, is that some relation to Shaun?

      Let's all have fun and most importantly, let's pray for a safe seaon for all of our heroes. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to post them or email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    • Wayne Hosaka

      This site is forever dedicated to the memory of its founder, Wayne Noboru Hosaka. 

      Although he's gone, his vision continues to live on here through generous  donations, and the tireless work of an all volunteer staff.

      It remains a place to share information, discuss, argue, raise controversy, and just catch up with old friends.  Most importantly, it's a place to gather people towards a common goal.

      This section is a brief look into the life of the man who made it all happen.


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