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AMA Pro Flat Track Technical Bulletin #2013-01

To: All AMA Pro Flat Track Competitors
Date: February 4, 2013
Effective Date: Immediately
Subject: Fluid Containment
3.8 Fluid Containment
a. All drain plugs and oil fill caps must be safety-wired except plugs that are secured by other approved methods.
b. Oil filter bolts must be secured with safety wire. Oil filter cans must be secured with metal clamps and safety wire.
c. All vent lines coming out of the engine must be routed into a filter of at least 23 square inches (2 1/2” diameter by 3” long) or a heat-resistant catch can of at least 350cc or of sufficient capacity to contain breather oil for the duration of a race.
d. All vent, breather or overflow tubes coming from the radiator must be routed into a heat-resistant catch can with a capacity of at least 350cc 250cc. Soda cans or bottles, or the like, are not acceptable. See illustration below.
e. Overflow tube exiting the catch can must be routed to the rear of the motorcycle and configured so as to discharge onto the exhaust or muffler.
f. No bikes will be allowed through tech until the bottle is properly installed.
Note: Special pricing on catch cans approved for AMA Pro Flat Track competition is available for AMA Pro Flat Track competitors. Contacting Advanced Performance Accessories/ Moto Hose for ordering information:
Advanced Performance Accessories/ Moto Hose
411 Brookhollow Dr.
York, SC 29745
704-340-7958 www.motohose.com

The complete pdf form of the bulletin, with diagrams, can be found at this link.

The intention for this change is to redirect overflow of coolant on overheating, water-cooled bikes to spill onto the exhaust pipe (where it will steam, alerting the rider and officials, and evaporate... keeping it off of the track).
If there are any questions please contact Dale Jones at (563)299-6851

Harley-Davidson Increases AMA Pro Flat Track Contingency Purse

Contingency Program Doubles Payouts to $143,000 For 2013

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (January 29, 2013) - Harley-Davidson Motor Company is pleased to announce that it will double its contingency payouts to racers in the AMA Pro Grand National Twins class from $5,500 to $11,000 per race for the upcoming racing season.

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