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PJ Jacobsen Wins OVRP Endurance Race On Self- Built Ride!

PJ Jacobsen devoted a good deal of time this season to promoting the F150 Endurance Series at OVRP in Oakland Valley, NY. And to cap off a season of hard work in impeccable style, Jacobsen built, and won on, his own motorcycle!

PJ’s longtime friend and personal mechanic, Tom Campion said. “Building PJ a bike just seemed like the right thing to do. The motor build was pretty easy. The hard part was getting a clutch to handle the extra power reliably.”

Evidently they were successful. PJ’s ARMA Energy Snacks team started the race fiercely competing against flat track legend Kenny Coolbeth on the Weiss Racing team, as well as against Mike Himmelsbach on the TSI team. 

They ultimately came out on top in both the 4-Hour event as well as the Dutchess Recreational Vehicles Dash-for-Cash.


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One Armed Motorcycle Flat Track Racer Jason Griffin

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