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The Way Things Were Done...

Salvaged photos from a garage wall.  Check out the slideshow HERE.
Thanks to Mike Ingalls, Shorty Johnson and Dave Leonard for preserving a slice of history.

Japanese In Danger of Losing Motegi Dirttrack Race Series

Motegi JapanOn May 23, 2011 Japanese flattrack race riders, participants, race crews, and concerned persons got the news as notice of determination that Twinring Motegi will finish the Motegi Dirttrack Race Series on this 2011 season end, and they will close the dirttrack on May 2012, says the general manager of Twinring Motegi.  The manager said it depends on "Retreat by a management decision". But we cannot consent it.

In the '80s, HONDA built the factory tuned famous flattrack racebikes, RS600Ds, RS750Ds, competed witth Harley-Davidson's XR750s and others, and overcame in GNC: AMA Grand National Championship. They built several flattarck-styled street legal bike, FTR250 in '80s, FTR223 in this decade in Japan. They also sold Mugen-Honda-tuned flattrack race bike MFT250s in mid 2000s. And now, in whole world, many flattrack riders ride Honda CRFs,100s to 450s.

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